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McCollum Insurance Agency proudly represents Erie Insurance, which sells auto, home, business, and life insurance.

Who is Erie Insurance?

Erie Insurance was founded in Erie, PA in 1925 and now is a Fortune 500 company with over 5,000 employees and 5 million policies in force.

Erie’s founders had very high principles when starting the company in 1925, and the founding purpose still exists today.

“To provide our Policyholders with as near perfect protection, as near perfect service, as is humanly possible, and to do so at the lowest possible cost.”

Erie’s Home Office is in Erie, PA., and has offices in 11 states.

Erie is the 12th largest auto insurer in the U.S.

Erie Personal Insurance

Erie Personal Auto

With Erie Personal Auto, through McCollum Insurance Agency, you can customize an auto policy that fits your needs.

Erie Insurance offers :

  • Erie Rate Lock – to read more about Erie Rate Lock, visit
  • First Accident Forgiveness – Yes, no surcharge the first time you’re at fault in an accident after you have been a customer for three years.
  • Diminishing Deductible -Yes, the deductible will be reduced by $100 for each consecutive claims-free policy year, up to a maximum of $500.
  • New Car Protection – Yes, If your new vehicle (up to 24 months old) is a total loss after an accident, it will be replaced with a new vehicle of the latest model yea
  • Better Car Protection- Yes. If your car (24 months+) is totaled, it can cover the balance of an auto loan (but not carry-over balances), or it can replace an older car with a vehicle two years newer

If discounts interest you, Erie Insurance offers many discounts including:

  • Safe Driving Discount
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Reduced Usage Discount
  • Car Safety Equipment Discount
  • Annual Payment Plan Discount
  • Multiple Policy Discount
  • Young Driver Discounts

To learn more about Erie Auto Insurance, contact McCollum Insurance in Philadelphia at 215.508.9000 or Newtown Square at 484.420.7800.

Erie Home Insurance

Erie Insurance and McCollum Insurance can customize a home insurance policy that is just right for you. Erie Insurance offers policies for your home, apartment, or condo.

Erie Insurance offers a wide range of coverage options, delivers award-winning customer and claims service, and partners with agents like McCollum Insurance to help you choose a policy that is right for you.

Erie Insurance offers:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost
  • Water Backup and Sump Overflow Coverage – Coverage for backups through sewers, drains, and sump pumps
  • Service Line Protection – Coverage for damage to underground service and utility lines from your house to the curb
  • Jewelry and High-End Valuable Coverage – Coverage for art, jewelry, rare collections, or other high-value items
  • Home Business Protection – Coverage if you run a business out of your home
  • Identity Recovery – Coverage to help you recover after identity theft or fraud

You can count on McCollum Insurance and Erie Insurance to assist you with making a good decision about your insurance protection.

To learn more about Erie Home Insurance, contact McCollum Insurance in Philadelphia at 215.508.9000 or Newtown Square at 484.420.7800.

Erie Business Insurance

You have worked to build and grow your business. McCollum Insurance and Erie Insurance can help you protect your business and keep it safe. Erie Insurance offers custom solutions from many years of experience to protect businesses like yours.

Contractors – As a contractor, you need to have the right coverage for your business. Erie Insurance and McCollum Insurance understand your needs, and that is why we developed a special contractors’ insurance program. From property damage to tools to contractor liability insurance, this mix of policies, endorsements, and services gives your business the protection it really needs.

Erie Insurance offers:

  • Contractor Liability Coverage – In case a third party alleges bodily harm, injury or property damage caused by your negligence
  • Damage to others’ property in your care – In case an accident causes damage to someone else’s property that’s in your care
  • Data Breach Coverage
  • Sewer and Drain Back-Up Coverage
  • Employee Dishonesty

Erie Insurance and McCollum Insurance also offer Risk Control Services to help you identify and reduce common business risks

To learn more and Erie Contractors Insurance, contact McCollum Insurance in Philadelphia at 215.508.9000 or Newtown Square at 484.420.7800.

Erie Business Auto Insurance 

Whether you rely on a single car or a large fleet of vehicles, McCollum Insurance and Erie Insurance, can you assist you with your commercial auto insurance needs.

Erie Insurance offers coverage for:

  • Liability if you’re responsible for harming others or for damaging their vehicles or property.
  • Damages if your car is damaged or destroyed in an accident or by something other than an accident, such as theft, vandalism, or hail.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists if an at-fault driver is unable to pay any or all of the costs owed to you.
  • Medical costs for you or your passengers’ injuries. 

Erie Insurance also offers extra coverage at no extra cost:

  • Daily costs to cover the loss of earnings when you assist ERIE in an accident investigation or defense claim.
  • Legal fees if you are arrested as the result of an accident.
  • Bail bonds after an accident or traffic violation that involves a car that we insure.
  • All expenses to return your stolen auto to you.

Erie Insurance and McCollum Insurance understand that every business is unique, and we will work with you to customize your coverage. A few optional coverages offered by Erie Insurance are:

  • Transportation expenses to cover transportation costs for a rental car if a covered claim,  puts your vehicle out of commission.
  • Road service for towing and labor costs if your vehicle breaks down.
  • Loss of use (income protection) to cover a business income loss when you can’t use your vehicle.
  • Death and disability income benefits if a named person dies or becomes disabled as a result of an auto accident.
  • Physical damage insurance for hired, rented, and borrowed autos for both collision and comprehensive auto claims.

To learn more and Erie Business Auto Insurance, contact McCollum Insurance in Philadelphia at 215.508.9000 or in Newtown Square at 484.420.7800.

Erie Workers Compensation Insurance

McCollum Insurance and Eire Insurance can assist your business with its Workers’ Compensation Needs.

Generally, any business that has employees must have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It helps cover medical care and lost wages for an employee who is hurt at work.

In addition to medical payments and lost wages, ERIE offers:

  • Employers liability insurance – It provides important protection in the event that you negligently cause a work-related employee injury that is not covered by workers’ compensation.

As part of the Erie coverage, you’ll have access to our professionally trained risk control consultants, who can help implement a safety program designed for your business.

To learn more and Erie Workers Compensation Insurance, contact McCollum Insurance in Philadelphia at 215.508.9000 or in Newtown Square at 484.420.7800.

Erie Insurance Industry Packages

McCollum Insurance and Erie Insurance offer custom solutions from years of experience protecting businesses like yours.

Erie Insurance offers custom packages for the following industries

  • Auto Services (Body Shops and Service Stations)
  • Offices and Professional Services
  • Landlord and Property Owners
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Wholesalers – Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Hotels and Hospitality

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