Do I Need Life Insurance?

Four Questions About Life Insurance For Parents 

If you were not here tomorrow……

  • Could your spouse survive without your income?
  • Could your spouse continue to pay the mortgage to keep your home?
  • Is there enough money in savings, to satisfy all of your debts?
  • Will your spouse have enough income to raise your children? For college?

If someone in your life will suffer financially if you’re not there to care for them, please call us today to discuss your life insurance needs and options.

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Six Reasons to Consider Purchasing Life Insurance

To Pay Final Expenses – The cost of a funeral and burial can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and you don’t want your family to suffer financially, in addition to emotionally if something were to happen to you.

To Cover Children’s Expenses – If you have kids, you want them to be well taken care of and afford them a quality college education. For this reason, Life Insurance is essential if you have children.

To Replace a Spouse’s Income – If something happens to you or your spouse, not only will you need to replace income, but also account for extra expenses (such as hired help for domestic tasks, helping children with school work, or taking them to doctor’s visits).

To Pay Off Debts – In addition to providing income, you would want to cover any debts that you still may have (Mortgage, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Etc.)

To Buy a Business Partner’s Shares – If you are part owner of a business, it is important that you have Life Insurance in case anything happens to your partner. Will you have enough cash to buy their interest, if something were to happen?

To Pay Off Estate Taxes – Estate Taxes can be steep, so having Life insurance in place to pay them, helps to avoid jeopardizing assets or funds built for retirement.

To learn more and to ensure you have the right life insurance coverage in place, contact us via phone or email.

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