Need Life Insurance – Don’t Wait

Have you been thinking about purchasing Life Insurance? If yes, don’t wait.

Below are four reasons to purchase life insurance now, instead of putting off your life insurance needs.


As you get older, the cost of life insurance significantly increases

Current Annual Prices for a $500,000 –  20 Year Term Life Policy

All premiums above are based on qualifying for best available rates

  • Annual Premium for a 30 Year Old – $295
  • Annual Premium for a 40 Year Old – $525
  • Annual Premium for a 50 Year Old – $1045
  • Annual Premium for a 60 Year Old – $2810

Current Health Condition


As you get older, your health often changes. It is possible to improve your health as you get older. But it is more likely that your health will decline with age.

For example, today at age 35, you are the picture of health.

In the future, at age 45, 55, or age 60, your weight and health may change. It is quite possible, that you could develop one or more of the following health conditions :

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

It makes sense to purchase life insurance today, while you are your young and healthy.

You Need It

Could your family continue paying the bills without your income?

Could your children afford to pay their high school or college tuition without your income?

For example,  your spouse is 40 years old, has an annual income of $75,000, and plans on working until age 60.

Your spouse unexpectedly dies at age 45.

How will you replace the $75,000 in income for the next 15 years?

Future Needs

If you know that you will need life insurance in the future, then you should seriously consider purchasing now. Why wait?

Prices will only increase in the future? Also, there is no guarantee that you will qualify for life insurance in the future……if your health declines.

If you were not here tomorrow…….

  • Could your spouse survive without your income?
  • Is there enough money in savings to satisfy all of your debts?
  • Could your spouse continue to pay the mortgage to keep your home?
  • Will your spouse have enough income to raise your children? For college?

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