McCollum Insurance Welcomes Fitzgerald Insurance Agency Clients




Thank you again for choosing the Fitzgerald Insurance Agency for your insurance needs.

I wanted you to hear this from me personally. In 2007, I founded the Fitzgerald Insurance Agency, with the desire to provide my clients with the best available personal and business insurance. My goal in 2007, was to carry on this business for decades, and to one day pass the torch to a trusted and respected family who would continue the Fitzgerald Agency.

The time has come for the Fitzgerald family to pass the torch. I did not want to sell out to a large bank or corporate agency. I wanted to keep the agency local, friendly, and within a family. With that being said, last year I reached out to my good friend of many years, Brian McCollum. Brian started his own insurance agency, McCollum Insurance Agency, in 2002. He and his team share my same beliefs; that offering outstanding insurance coverage, customer service, and building relationships that last, are some of the most important needs of our clients. To ensure that you are well taken care of for many years to come, we have merged our two agencies as of February 1, 2018.

You might be wondering, what does this mean to you? Not much, really. Everything will essentially remain the same: same insurance company, same policy numbers, same office, same phone number, and same great service. Our office is staying right where it is, and I am planning to help Brian and his team throughout this transition. I trust that he and his staff will continue to serve you just as the Fitzgerald family has.

 We are here for you when you need us. Thank you for your business, your support, and your friendship.

Thank you,

John Fitzgerald



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